• The Inquiry Process

    To the best of your knowledge, please provide the following information:

    • Budget
    • Description of the furniture
    • Sketch with dimensions
    • Wood species or desired tone

    With this information we will determine if your project can be made within your budget. Provided all is good, we will issue a non-refundable deposit of a minimum $500 which puts your project in the queue and covers the cost of the design process. The cost of the deposit is directly related to the number of pieces involved in the project.

  • The Design Process

    We take the information provided in the inquiry process and turn it into a 3d rendering for you to review. We will work together to tweak the design until we have the final design to which we can make construction drawings from.

  • The Ordering Process

    Once you are happy with the design and would like to place the order we will submit a final quote to which a 50% deposit is required and we can proceed.

Request a Quote!

Tell us about a project you’d like our help with and we’ll come up with a plan & quote to get started.