We saw this slab while visiting our friend Tyler at Nielsen Tree Salvage here in Regina. There was an instant attraction, after circling this beauty for a minute we were sold. The crotch on this slab looks like a set of lungs which is why we named this table “Breathe”. I feel like we breathed a bit of life into each other… corndog corny right there!

It came with a very wild crotch twist which made flattening a bit of a challenge and pre-epoxy this slab would have been destined to the fire-pit. Fortunately for us this is the day of epoxy and we were able to keep the most amount of wood we could then even the thickness out with an epoxy pour to keep it at close to 2″(51mm) thick.

The base we designed for this table flares out for stability and the legs have a slight taper for visual appeal… drink it in!

Please reach out if you would like to see this original in person!

Materials & Specs:

  • 48″(1220mm) long x 27″(685mm) at its widest x 20″(510mm) high
  • Made of 100% locally salvaged Siberian Elm or the Walnut of the Prairies as we’ve dubbed it