This table came about as a bit of a mistake. We were hired to make a tabletop that mirrored a supplied photo. However, as we humans often do, we perceived said photo differently and the end result was not what our client had envisioned. Message received… lesson learned… and here we are with an orphaned tabletop made from Walnut, Cherry and Maple at one and a quarter-inch thick.

**This wood was not stained as we would never do that to these precious specimens the ground gave us…unless it’s spruce or poplar; then stain away 🙂

The lonely tabletop needed something to stand on so we set about designing a clean-line tapered leg made from Cherry with bent laminated aprons to tie it all together.

We hope you like it! It can be viewed by appointment.

Materials & Specs:

  • 46″(1170mm) in diameter x 30″(760mm) high
  • Features a 1 1/4″ thick solid Walnut/Cherry/Maple tabletop